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Our Mission

A day in prison costs $79 on average; a day on probation costs $3.42. 

More importantly, a day in prison suffocates the light in a person, while working in a positive environment where training is provided, where setting goals is encouraged, and where a high standard is demanded, enables a person to reach his or her full potential.

Clean Decisions exists to provide this opportunity for returning citizens within the greater Washington DC area to unleash their full potential, break negative intergenerational cycles in their families, build a path to a middle class lifestyle, and have an opportunity to give back.

We do this by providing the opportunity to work hard at an admittedly tough job in a caring, supportive environment. Staff members have access to a pro bono therapist, are invited to weekly community-building gatherings, and meet monthly with leadership on personal and professional goals and the path toward them.

Our Clients

Whether you have 7,300 square feet or 73, we would love the opportunity to partner with you.

Clean decisions teams will clean your kitchens, maintain your outdoor space, support your events or pitch in for special projects.

Contact us today for a quote, with the assurance that you will be getting the highest quality, lowest price, and supporting the efforts of our team mEmbers.  

since we guarantee satisfaction or will come back within 24 hours to fix anything and will beat any competitor price by 5%.



Recommend 100%. Timely, affordable, trustworthy, impeccable quality of work. We contract them for general services inside and outside of our Capitol Hill property.Would hire them again in a heartbeat. High value and really helping to give their guys a leg up. 

–Capitol Hill property owneR


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